BOO! I hereby Post my Ghost:

The Ballad of Li’l Jay

In 1984 a little girl named Jamie lived in Texas. Most people called her Li’l Jay. It all happened on a bright summer day. The smell of pine and mint filled the air.  The beautiful sun rose on the horizon and the sky was colorful. Birds chirped and leaves crackled everywhere.

Li’l Jay was seven and lived in the forest with her mother. Her house was the only one out there. She woke up that morning and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Her mom had breakfast on the table. When she finished, she went to her backyard where she had a swingset. While playing on her swingset, she heard someone singing from deep inside the forest. She thought, should I ignore it?

Li’l Jay decided to follow the singing. It was indescribable and very beautiful. It sounded as if angels were singing with bells and chimes.

As Li’l Jay followed the singing, a cold chill went down her spine. Yet, she was happy that she was going to make a friend. She couldn’t get close enough to the singing. Then she found herself right by a lake. She topped and looked around and noticed the singing had stopped.

She wondered, where did it come from? Did it come from the trees? From the birds? From the ground? She had no idea. 

The singing began again. Li’l Jay tried to follow it, but it seemed to come from everywhere around her. All of a sudden she got dizzy and fell into a mud pile. She tried to get back up, but the mud didn’t let go. She pushed her palms agains the ground to stand up, but as she did, she felt a sharp pain in both of her palms. Jay yelled! She found herself pinned down to the ground. Blood came out of her palms. She screamed at the top of her lungs. She bled to death.

After she died, her body was mysteriously thrown into the lake. No one knew who or what killed the little girl. They didn’t know how she got in the lake.

—Jenni C.

La Llorona

Maria was her name. She lived in Mexico with two kids and her husband Pablo. Every day she would make Pabo fresh tortillas. She was madly in love with him. She had been making him tortillas for quite a while. It was a day like any other at her house. She was in the kitchen and the smell of tortillas wafted through the air. Her humming was the only noise that was in the room and her children were at their school. 

That day everything was ready to go. The tortillas were made and Maria was on her way to drop them off at Pablo’s construction area. Only she found him with another woman. In less than a minute, her smile had vanished, just like that…gone. The awful feelings came and she cried rivers. Now, she felt nothing but hatred toward him. She got home and found her children fast asleep.

Maria took both of them down to the nearest river. She wore a long white dress, her silky black hair was loose. She got both of the children’s heads and plunged down into the river. They struggled to make her stop it but it didn’t go on for long. She let let go of their pale white lifeless bodies and watched them float down the river. 

She let out a high pitched cry,”Mis hijos!” and another, “Mis hijos!”

Now she walks down the riverbank in search of her two lifeless kids. Her cries are still heard every once in awhile. She’s still in her white dress with her long black hair still loose. But don’t worry, take care of your children or don’t be surprised if you find their bodies in the river.

—Jasmine M.

Ghost Story

It was a rainy and foggy night in an all-girl boarding school. It smelled like nothing, but the air was cold and the hairs on the back of your neck would go up. There was a school building with trees, bushes and grass. The building looked old, creepy and abandoned on the outside. But on the inside, it looked less creepy, but it was always cold inside, no matter what season. It was Esther’s first day of sophomore year of a new high school. She was told to be in room 14 with her roommate Natalie (who had been there as a freshman). Everything was going well for both of them, but one day, Esther went to the bathroom to wash her face and she opened up the bathroom cabinet to get her face cream. When she closed it, in the mirror she saw a pale skinned girl who was wearing a white dress covered in blood. She had cuts on her wrist, face arms and legs. Esther screamed and freaked out but when Natalie came in there was nobody there. She knew what was going on because she knew the story behind what Esther saw. But she didn’t say anything. 

Esther tried to go to sleep, but she couldn’t. She kept thinking about the ghost she saw. In the morning, Esther was extremely tired because she had only slept four hours. When she was getting her uniform the closet she saw the same girl/ghost hanging. Blood dripped. She freaked out and told Natalie who ignored her and told her it was her imagination. Esther saw the ghost everywhere around the school and at night she would hear footsteps outside everywhere and had nightmares about the ghost. Finally, Natalie decided to tell her roommate the story of the girl:

This ghost is named Mary. She was was once a new student in 1984. She was bullied every day because she was nerdy and different. People would push, kick and physically hurt her. They did horrible things to her every day. She couldn’t take it anymore so she cut herself. One day she hung herself and now she haunts every new sudent who comes to the school.

Esther couldn’t believe it. She stayed until she finished her sophomore year and then moved schools.

—Diana H.


In Arkansas lived two girls who were best friends since kindergarten. Their names were Jennifer and Molly. They did everything together. They both joined volleyball and cheerleading. They were inseparable.

Jennifer’s family was going to a Bruno Mars concert. Jennifer and Molly loved him!! Molly went with her. The concert ended at 10:30 pm, so Molly was going to sleep over. On their way home, a drunk driver hit them. All Molly could remember was waking up in the hospital and finding out that Jennifer had died.

Molly was heartbroken. She didn’t want to believe it. She was all alone. After a week passed, Molly began to feel a bad vibe. She went home and Jennifer was there!

“Hi Bestie” said Jennifer, “I’ve missed you, so I was thinking, I got this knife and all you need to do is put it in your heart and we’ll be together forever.” Molly was still in shock.

“I’m not doing it,” said Molly.

 Jennifer frowned and said, “How are we going to be bffs?”

Molly stayed quiet.

 Jennifer said, “Fine! Have it your way. We will be united again!”

Molly felt horrible. She tried to get her mind off it. She took a shower and went to bed. 

It was around 11:55 pm. Jennifer went to Molly’s house. She was mad at her. She went on the bed with her and took out her knife. Molly woke up. “What are you doing?!?” she said. 

Jennifer stabbed her ten times and said, “Now we’ll always be together!”

—Michelle S.

The Lost One

In 2000, there was this one man who lived in a big two story house with a big, beautiful garden with different types of flowers.

He was around his 30s and he had a wife, but his wife passed away from a heart attack. He worked in a big building and he had a lot of money. He never really spent a lot of money, but he had a maid.

One day, he woke up around 5:00 am because the room suddenly got very cold and he heard noises downstairs. He thought it was his maid, but he heard a little girl’s voice and a woman yelling. He put on his shoes and he got his baseball bat and he slowly went downstairs. Each step he took, the steps made noises. As he was on his last few steps, he saw a girl in the corner facing the wall and playing with something but he couldn’t see what it was. She was wearing a white dress and it had blood all over it.

He slowly snuck up behind her and tried hitting her in the head with the bat but he was a few inches away from hitting her when there was an invisble shield around her. She slowly turned around and she had blood dripping form her mouth and he a saw that his maid was lying on the floor, covered in her own blood.

He panicked and fell backwards and he ran upstairs, locked himself in his room, and got some holy water and put it on the door and all over his room. In his right hand, he held a cross. He heard footsteps and groaning and of course, it was the little girl.

Then everything got quiet and he waited a few seconds and he slowly opened the door. The little girl wasn’t there. He looked around for a while and he felt something fall on his right shoulder. He touched it and saw it was…blood! He slowly looked up and saw the girl on the ceiling. She jumped on him and started biting his neck.

He fell to the floor with blood dripping and he got so weak he could no longer move, so he died.

The next day it was like nothing ever happened. The neighbor who always saw him before he left for work waited and waited until she thought something was wrong. She ran to the house and opened the door and saw a note that read “please enjoy.” There were three silver plates in the middle of the table. She opened each one and the first one had the man’s head. The second had his heart and the third one held his organs. She yelled and cried and ran out of the house. She didn’t know what to do so she pretended like she never saw something.

—Dyan C.

The Faceless Man

It was near midnight and my best friend and I were heading back to my house. We were rounding a turn in a midwest neighborhood of cookie cutter houses with sidewalks that snaked between pristine lawns. That’s when I saw him, an elderly man dressed in a plaid tweed suit with a matching fedora propped atop his bald head; far down the street he stood in the middle of the road, his back to us.

Startled, I warned my friend to slow down. She too saw him and slowed the car as we approached, and he slowly made his way to the curb where he stopped short of stepping out of the street. As were were nearing him, I was taken aback by the whiteness and smooth appearance of the back of this man’s head. It was as if it sent off a glow in the moonlight and was free of texture.

Taken over by curiosity, I turned to look at him as we passed. A wave of shock washed over me and a sharp chill climbed up my spine. Jerking my head back around, I gasped to my friend, “That man has no face!” Her reply sent a second wave of shock my way as she stammered, “I know, I saw it too.” She stepped on the gas and we sped out of the neighborhood as quickly as possible.

Confused and fearful, my friend was reluctant to talk about what we saw, but managed to tell me that she had dared a glimpse in her rearview mirror as she accelerated away and had seen the man make his way back to the middle of the road.

I could never make sense of what I had seen. Was it a trick played by my eyes, the moon, or a neighborhood prankster? The entire head of the man had reminded me of a glowing, opaque egg. It was brilliantly white, smooth, and absent of all facial features. I had never heard of faceless ghosts.

It wasn’t until years later that I confirmed my experience was truly one involving the supernatural world. While assisting one of my students with a reading passage, I familiar chill ran up my spine as I read a tale of another ghostly, faceless spirit. But why me, why my friend, and why that stretch of road in Muncie, Indiana? I can only hope that his spirit has found its way home.